Rome burns and Senator Gaius Varus (yours truly) attempts to rouse opposition against the infamous Emperor Nero in Fletcher Crossman’s upcoming feature, Paul & Nero.


Paths cross with the great Edwin Booth yet again.  For the second time I’ll be performing in his home, The Players Club, in another lovely original work about the Brothers Booth.  Suffice to say, I’m inspired.


International Star Richard Damijo (RMD) needs savvy legal representation in this heartwarming tale of a Nigerian immigrant locked in a vicious paternity suit. I always knew I should have been a lawyer!


After several packed New York screenings, the gritty Russian gangster tale follows up with a trip to the Big Easy!  The talented cast includes steely-eyed Alex Veadov and yours truly as the token American who marries into a criminal enterprise.


The Afghan War drama took the grand prize at the Long Island International Film Expo.  I play a tough platoon sergeant who is determined to save his doomed men.