Serial killer Jimmy Dales is having a bad night/life.
From the just completed feature “The Damaged”. Sixtoomany Productions.
This one goes the whole 9 yards. Updates and trailer coming soon…

German-Jewish composer Walter Kaufmann flees Nazi Germany to India, leaving an indelible mark on the music of the world. Based on a true story. Hypocrite Theatre Company at the grand 340 seat Mastrobuono Theater in New Brunswick. NYC production in the works!


Pleased to be working with the Stageplays Theatre Company in their lovely new home, the Theatre at St. Jean.  A lovely original play slated for full production next Spring.


Harper Lee's classic got a rare treatment to the New York stage.  The lovely Queens Theatre gave a first rate presentation that was the highlight of my year.  What a delight it was to play Sheriff Heck Tate, the conscientious law man who couldn't shoot straight.

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The world can be a troubled place, but if you’re this guy it’s also absurdly violent. Filming the noirish “Small World” was quite the wild ride!


A sweet and not-so-simple tale of regret and redemption as a man tries to amend his once promising life. Happy to be working with Director Kent Sutton once again.